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What if you could step into a new reality, almost like an alternate dimension where, finally, weight loss was easy?

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It might surprise you that losing weight and maintaining it doesn’t have to be difficult, and I’m going to show you how.

Everyone else is telling you that it’s really hard to lose weight. I’m here to tell you that it’s just as easy as keeping the weight that you have now. 

Which is why the one thing that actually needs to happen is to trace your negative beliefs about successful weight loss back to where they began because that’s when you got stuck with that mindset about change being too hard. That’s where we’ll put in the new beliefs that will turn ‘hard’ into easy and make that new you become you.

I’ve learned that by focusing on four key areas over five weekly sessions weight loss can happen successfully and also be sustainable. This works best when the programme is customised to each individual’s own needs. If you want to know more submit the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss these areas in more detail and we can explore how they could be customised to fit with your particular situation. Then you can decide if that’s something that you want me to help you with. If you decide it isn’t, that’s fine and I won’t be pushy or ‘salesy’.


The last thing you’re probably wondering is “how much will it cost me?”. Well, I’ll be upfront about that and say that I charge £75 per session so you’d be looking at £375 for the five-session programme.

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