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That thing that you respond to in ways that you don’t seem able to control has got more to do with how your heart feels than what’s going on in your body.

Image by M.T ElGassier

It might surprise you that overcoming a fear or phobia is just as easy as thinking about how that thing makes you feel.

Everyone else is telling you that your fear is irrational, and you just need to learn to deal with it better. 

I’m here to tell you that you can get rid of that fear along with all the emotions that you felt so quickly that you’ll wonder why you never did it before now.

Which is why the one thing that actually needs to happen is to trace your fear back to the event where it began because that’s when your mind got programmed to respond to that thing in the way that it makes your body feel. That’s where we’ll take the emotion out of that event and release you from the fear of that thing and those old unwanted feelings.

In my experience most fears and phobias can be dealt with in just one session. If you want to know more submit the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss how this process works and how it could help with your particular issue. Then you can decide if that’s something that you want me to help you with. If you decide it isn’t, that’s fine and I won’t be pushy or ‘salesy’.


The last thing you’re probably wondering is “how does it cost for this?”. Well, I’ll be upfront about that and say that I charge £75 an hour and typically a session for a fear or phobia takes around an hour and a half. So, you’d be looking at £110.

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