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That way you feel about exams is how everyone feels, but for you those feelings are causing too much stress and anxiety.

Taking Exams

It might surprise you that getting on top of your stress and anxiety about exams is actually easier than you think.

Everyone is telling you that you’ll be OK, and you know they’re probably right but there’s still that nagging doubt and nothing anyone says will make it go away. I am here to tell you that you can get rid of that doubt and approach each and every exam with calmness and confidence.​ Which is why the one thing that actually needs to happen is to replace that doubt with confidence and belief in yourself. That’s how you can be free from that old stress and anxiety about exams.​
By combining my experience as a teacher, senior examiner and hypnotist I’ve identified and refined a few key techniques that, when used together in my five steps 'AMETS' approach, make a massive difference in reducing exam anxiety and stress to normal levels. These techniques work best when they’re adapted to match up with individual needs. So if you want to find out more just complete and submit the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss your situation and what will work best for you. Find out more about the 'AMETS' five steps by clicking here.
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