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What if it didn’t matter how many years you’ve been a smoker?

Image by Daniel Ramos

How would your life change if it took you just a couple of hours to finally quit smoking for good and take back control?

Everyone tells you that stopping smoking is hard and most people fail. I’m here to tell you that stopping can be as easy as starting was and that you don’t have to be one of those ‘most people’ anymore.  You've probably also been told that when you stop smoking you’ll pick up a whole load of other different cravings and habits to replace it. I’m here to tell you that that’s down to people using the wrong methods. Which is why the one thing that actually needs to happen is to trace your smoking back to where it began because that’s when it took your mind just a moment to make the decision to start. That’s how quickly your mind turned a hobby into a habit. That’s also how quickly that same mind can be guided to decide to stop that habit and do something else instead.  

I’ve learned that by working through five steps smokers who are really ready to quit can typically become non-smokers in just one ninety minute session. These steps work best when they’re customised to each individual’s own situation. If you want to know more submit the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss these steps and how they could be customised to fit with your situation. Then you can decide if that’s something that you want me to help you with. If you decide it isn’t, that’s fine and I won’t be pushy or ‘salesy’.​
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